Sunday, February 12, 2006


I'm thwarted at every blogging turn today. I spent a while dumping my thoughts to my own blog and now have nothing to show for it and just now, I took pictures of my knitting project to mark my progress and can't get the photos off the camera. So you'll just have to trust me, the first half of sock/slipper no. 1 is looking mighty fine. I even think it's going to fit!

I'm impressed with the other products that are getting pumped out. And necklaces? I'm intrigued; please post a picture of this finished product! Have any of you seen any Torino footage yet? Not me (sadly). The only thing that would make this more fun is if we could all knit in the same physical space. You sundog-serial-knitters have got it good!


Blogger Geo said...

Aw, Becca, that stinks! I feel gypped. Are you going to recreate your blog entry? Makes me sad to think of Tropical Velvet being shorted ane entry--I love to read all you have to say.

I'm eager to see the girlie's sock. Hope you soon get that new camera figured out. Ours are so similar that i"m tempted to try to talk you through it, but I bet you really don't need my help. Let me know though . . . .

Yes, knitting together--all of us--would be a blast. I've been dreaming about the whole of Team Deseret going out for Italian food after the Knitting Olymics are through. *sigh*

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