Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snowing Down South

Snow in Februrary was commonplace when I lived in the State of Deseret but gee, I didn't think joining Team Deseret would cause it to snow in Tennessee! After all, there's a reason why I think skiing is what you do on water behind boats. I had to dig in the back of the closet to find my Utah snow boots yesterday. I guess my feet have changed 'cuz those boots hurt once I had them on. Blech! forget snow boots and gimme my clogs.

I'm making nice progress on Kiri. so far I have 4 repeats done--4 down and 8 to go. I have the rudimentary elements of a blog where I'm tracking my olympic event. I'm nervous to admit it, but go take a peek if you get the chance.

I woke up with a wretched migraine this morning so I missed church. I guess that's the bad news. The good news was I got to see the tab choir broadcast on BYU-TV and my dear friend and former VT companion Laura Garff-Lewis sang a delicious solo. She has the yummiest, creamy tone to her voice. Full-fat, full flavor, Haagen-daz ice cream creamy. It was such a treat for me to hear her that I wasn't at all sad to be playing hooky at home. It's hard to believe that it's been four years since she sang the olympic hymn at the closing ceremonies of the SLC games. Time does fly, doesn't it!

I hope everyone is recovering from physical bang-ups (fig) and visits to he frog pond during the warm-up runs. Gird up your loins team, fresh courage take! Two weeks is a long time left to accomplish our mission. Go team!

{{{hugs}}} Kristina


Blogger knittinbrit_in_wi said...

Hey Kristina,

I was having a hard time getting to your blog, so if you get the chance please post some pics of Kiri, I'd love to see the progress.

I didn't go to church today due to comps with the meds, but hunkyhubbie & 3 of the 4 kidliewinks went. Little E stayed home with me as he had a fever. We sat and watched BYU-TV and Stories of the Prophets on DVD. Friends showed up in the late afternoon with food - what do people do with our good friends and VT/HT's.

Now, remember everyone. No throwing a Michelle Kwan and quitting (I still like her, but what a disappointment). Remember, keep stretching every 20 minutes and knit, knit, knit.

Do you think they sell disability insurance for knitting injuries?

Happy Clicking! - Kim

8:27 PM  
Blogger Geo said...

Kim: I'm afraid thrill-seeking mavericks like us are totally uninsurable.

Kristina: I figured out that your link was wrong, so I changed it from "" to "". Now it sends us to your blog as it should, and hey! what a treat! Keep up the good work and the good writing.

As for the snow, well, we actually ordered it for you from Moonboots-R-Us, so you'd feel more a part of the Team deseret experience. Hope it fits!

6:58 AM  

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