Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Olympics Day Five: Kiri Grows

Five days into the olympics and my Kiri shawl is growing fast. And as Kiri grows so does Kiri's rows grow. Now seven repeats into the shawl, the rows are getting very long! This is a new experience for me for sure. I'm continuing to journal it all on my blog.

I wish I could join ya'll KIPing at the B&N tonight. I know where you're at though, does that count???? I consoled myself by pulling weeds in my garden in the 50+ degree sunshine. I have 3 more daffodils ready to burst into bloom any day now and my hyacinths are coming up quickly. Am I making you snowbunnies jealous yet???? Even when it does snow here in the hills of Tennessee, it doesn't stay for long. I miss many things about living in Utah but the long dark, cold, snowy winters I do not miss at all. No Sam I am, I do not like them, not one bit! Give me warmth, give me flowers in my garden, I do not like the snow. My winter flowers have suffered much, though, as the wild rabbits have chosen to eat all my pansies. My next door neighbor has lots of fat blooms, but mine are all gone. It's a good thing I love the bunnies, but I think I'll be trying out the red pepper spray to deter their nibbling. Last year they really chomped the liatris in my rose garden, so I think I have to take action this year. So sorry little bunnies!

{{{hugs}}} Kristina I think I got the url right this time :-)


Blogger Geo said...

Ah, daffodils. My favorite! And hyacinths? Lucky, lucky. I just finished "arranging" some silk daffodils for my grandmother, to cheer her up on a gloomy day. We do what we can in arctic Deseret.

I've heard cayenne spray works well, as nobody wild, especially not fluffy bunnies, wants a mouth full of instant heat. Good luck! Bunnies are quite the endearing little chaps, appetite for pansies notwithstanding. (Fresh pansies are good on salads though--I agree.)

Yes, I think you would enjoy knitting with our local group--it's quite an assortment of wonderful personalities and temperaments. and we have two people who work for the hospital here, so you'd have that in common. Hey, if you ever want to book a flight . . . !

I'm eager to see Kiri in progress. The socks on your blog look great!

10:04 AM  

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