Friday, February 17, 2006

Fair Isle Beret Updates

Hi everybody.

I have not updated my blog yet with pictures, but I have managed to untangle some of the problems I had with my project.

The Fair Isle Beret is now 20% complete. I would say 25% of the pattern but all the little weaving in ends will take a long while on its own. I do them after each pattern repeat, there are 4 repeats, and I've finished the first. This means that when I post my next pics, you will be able to see how it will mostly look.

Now, I have a few thoughts on it. First, I vacillate on whether I like the colors or not. You can see from this post which I picked, but I have to admit that though I was going for "springtime" colors, I didn't really want it to look like an easter egg. Sometimes I look at it and say, "wow this is gorgeous" and others I look at it and think a food dye truck crashed all over it. Second, becuase I had the needle problem, and ended up knitting it flat, I have this whole two-handed purling problem. That is, I have purl rows where I have to use two colors. Now, I picked up continental knitting very easily, and when I have knit rows it is no problem for me to hold a color in each hand. However, for some reason, I just cannot get my left hand to purl no matter what method I try. So this means I have to pick up one color and put down the other the entire time. It's a very slow method.

I don't know. The pictured beret from the book is lovely, and mine looks like it, but I'm feeling sort of irritated and dissatisfied with the project at the moment.

Good luck to everybody else!


Blogger Geo said...

i don't think you need to worry about those colors--they are lovely. You're not quite knitting with royal icing yet!

I'm so glad you managed to make peace with your project troubles. I only wish you could join us when our local knit group meets--we have a knitter who would be GLAD to teach you to purl a la continental! It's her passion, you could say, to teach us all how to knit left-handed. I can make the knit stitch work that way, but like you, I just can't seem to figure out purling so it's comfortable and even. I'm a pokey thrower, but I still get the job done.

10:25 AM  

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