Saturday, February 25, 2006

Putting the needles to bed

Ah me, what wonders you've created, Team Deseret! And we haven't seen 'em all yet.

I finished stitching my two necklaces, though I had to abandon the wire plans and go with actual fiber. I'll get back to my wire experimentation later--I decided that it was more important to be flexible and actually reach my olympic goal by this evening. So, wool it was. Okay by me--I love wool!

It's tough not to compare my basic blocks and necklaces with the beauties the rest of you have worked up, but I am reminding myself that the challenge was the thing. For me, right now, these little bits were a challenge. The stretching came in making time, even a little time, for something I love to do: knit, and in doing so for somebody(ies) else. I got to take care of me and also get out of myself for a minute. To tell you the truth, for me, the most fun of all has been interacting with and watching you all.

So, yeah, I'm done clicking and clacking for now. I'll take tomorrow off. I still need to block a necklace that looks very very strange at the moment, but will hopefully improve with some OCD steaming and pressing and pinning. I still need to weave in ends on the other two uglies I made for the humanitarian afghan. I need to sew a button and string some beads. But the durn stitching is done. Monday I will think about our awards. Tomorrow I read in the tub and think about what's next.

I'll post a photo or three on Monday. I hope to see more from the rest of you. She Who Wins Blue Ribbons In County Fairs brought over some finished blocks, so I'll post some photos for her too.

Enjoy your Sabbath, folks. Love ya.


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