Saturday, February 25, 2006

Blocking on the Bed

I didn't want Christy to be the only one with a red shawl pinned to the bed, so here's Kiri. She got a nice warm soak with Italian bath gel before her trip to the bedroom. And just so everyone knows, Christy wasn't the only one knitting with dirty hair! I think I do my best knitting in my jammies with greasy hair sticking straight up. Trust me, it's the only time my baby fine blonde locks stand up. The only difference between Christy & me that I can tell is in the beverage of choice---diet coke for me. Lots of it! Well, that and the fact that the snowdrop shawl is much more difficult than Kiri. I have snowdrop saved for a future time. Like maybe the Vancouver olympics????

I have some more pictures on my blog ( The obligatory "bee-hind" shawl pix are yet to come---after Kiri gets up from her nap. It's been a blast knitting with ya'll!


Blogger Geo said...

Oh, Kiri looks plenty difficult, no doubt about it! Looking at the other photos on your blog, the lace pattern reimnds me of wisteria blossoms.

Pretty amazing that two of our few chose to create delicate lace shawls in brilliant red. This really must mean something. Maybe what it means is that I also need to knit myself an exquisite red shawl, since I'm eating my heart out!

Thanks for being on Team Deseret!

10:25 PM  
Blogger Christy said...

I'm a Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi girl myself!

Too bad we don't live a little closer, our shawls would probably have a good time getting together for a night on the town!

It looks beautiful!

6:51 AM  

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