Monday, February 06, 2006

Team Deseret Olympic Anthem

Here it is, athletes, our very own anthem! Remember, you can find the tune here. I hope Eliza R. Snow won't mind my taking a few gentle liberties with her lyrics. (Eliza, you're my hero!)

In Our Lovely Deseret
(anthem of Knitting Olympics Team Deseret)

In our lovely Deseret, Where we knitters all have met,
There's a multitude of stashes all around.
We are generous and brave; We have dropped stitches to save;
Oh, the clack of needles is our fav'rite sound!

Hark! Our Olympic torch is burning in Torino, far away.
We're creating what we love, like our Father up above;
We're peculiar and we mean to stay that way!

Sing it, sisters! (Brothers are welcome too, but we haven't had any sign up to knit yet.)

I'd like to call your attention to the right sidebar for a moment. Look at that! We have a Team Chiropractor and a Team Massage Therapist! What other knitting team can boast that? We're small, but we're mighty, and we're pampered! Go, Deseret!

On the subject of awards, I'm still working on that one. We'll definitely have them. Keep watching for details. A finished project is great in and of itself, but let's not be small-minded here; this is the Olympics!


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