Saturday, February 04, 2006

Olympic knitting bee

So, you want to knit with Team Deseret? Okay, try these qualifications on for size:

You have read and understand the the concept of the Knitting Olympics and agree to the basic rules.

NO?--Visit Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's terrific blog, review the guidelines, then meet back here with a Yes.

You are familiar with LDS Church President Gordon B. Hinckley's "6 Be's" and are willing to give them an Olympic effort while you're representing Team Deseret.

YES?--Great! Why don't you re-read them now, for the sake of keeping them fresh in your mind.
NO?--Please follow the Yes people to this transcript of his address and enjoy the rest of your training.

You are fluent with the Deseret alphabet.

YES?--You're kidding, right? And you knit too? You already deserve a gold medal for being an overachiever.
NO?--Me neither. But here's a chart that could help you learn, if you're inclined. And here's another giving a brief history of Brigham Young's 38-character alphabet (you'll have to scroll down a bit). This site offers a free font download for the Deseret alphabet. Want to be my pen pal?

You know that quirky, sweet old hymn, "In Our Lovely Deseret" (and can't sing it without a smile).

YES?--Join the club. Or rather, join the team.
NO?--It's okay! You can learn the music; it's easy. Then you can come back here and sing the revised lyrics, which will be our Team Deseret Knitting Anthem (I'll have those lyrics posted by Monday).

You're committed to participating in no olympic knitting events on the Sabbath. This means you must finish your knitting event by February 25th, a day before the closing ceremonies in Torino.

YES?--You're in. There's no doubt that "this is the place" for you.
NO?--Let's talk. Don't think of it as three less days to get your project done; think of it as a way to show gratitude for those fabulous hands of yours, and to honor God. Besides, your hands are going to appreciate having those days off. If you're having doubts, get yourself a copy of Chariots of Fire, watch it with your loved ones, and take heart. We really can do it in 13 days!

One last suggestion I have is for you to review yet again the general 2006 Knitting Olympic rules, then make your choice as to what you'll work on for your event, start swatching, and contact me to be included on the official Team Deseret roster! Don't forget to check today's earlier blog post to check out our banners-to-date.

Next items of business will be awards and our team anthem. Stay tuned!


Blogger Becca said...

I'm in if you'll have me and if a pathetically small project counts. I've got to mull over the particulars on that and get back to you--do you need to know before hand what feat we're training for? Also, in all likelihood I will see zero olympics (and be the sadder for it) as we are out of the TV loop. Do I have to watch the olympics to be a team member?

8:40 PM  
Blogger Geo said...

Oh, Becca, you are so in!

You've got till this thing begins to declare what your event is, but the sooner the better for you and your swatching plans, etc. (and for the sake of fun and anticipation).

I think once you decide what you're knitting, it would be a good idea to go to that main Olympic knitting page and declare your name and event and team. (Go, Deseret!)

You do not have to watch any teevee to participate. Remember, now that you are part of Team Deseret you are an athlete first, and a couch potato second (as if you ever were one of those)!

You're on the roster.


12:01 AM  

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